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A Church’s Broken Heart: A Church’s Broken Heart

by Russell E. Richey

Understanding but Not Excusing Our Racial Divides How might United Methodism confront its continuing racial dilemmas and grasp how and why Methodism came to be so divided-organizationally, geo-politically, structurally, attitudinally-precisely where it proved most successful,...



ISBN: 9781945935992




ISBN: 9781945935992


Blessed Wrestling: Biblical Reflections on Discerning God’s Call

by Jessie Squires Colwell

What is God’s preferred plan for my life? Blessed Wrestling is designed as an eight-week study. During this time, I invite you to learn from Jacob, Isaiah, Mary, Paul, Deborah, Esther, Ruth, and the disciples...



ISBN: 9781953052506

Prophets to the Nations: Black Methodism, Liberation, and the American Quest for Racial Justice

by Felicia Howell LaBoy, Keith Lawrence, Donnell J. Moore, General Editors

A Tribute to the Unique Contribution of Black Methodism to Black Liberation Theology and Womanist Theology A new Black theology of liberation that addresses the needs of people crushed under the prevailing systems of racial,...



ISBN: 9781953052056

Selves In Between: Offering Care and Forging Bonds with Difference

by Ahyun Lee

Pastoral healing and helping requires forging bonds with difference. This book is for religious professionals—pastors, pastoral counselors, therapists, and chaplains—anyone who wants a deeper understanding of healing in a ministry context. When persons seek healing...



ISBN: 9781945935954

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