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Latin America

Hub Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Contact: Claudia Lombardo - Argentina (, Paulo Garcia - Brazil (

Marked by a history of colonialism and military dictatorship, Latin America has experienced a period of stability, democratic institutionalization, and economic growth since 1985. However, many challenges related to the long history of poverty remain.

In Central America, consultations with scholars, institutions, lay and clergy members from different nations have helped the general agencies of The United Methodist Church to map existing needs of the region. Methodist churches in Central America are new and small, but vibrant. Education is high priority to empower people and combat poverty. Two theological seminaries serve churches in the region, and additionally, Duke Divinity School and Claremont School of Theology are working in partnership with churches across Central America to offer a Course of Study program for local pastors.


Theological Seminaries

Cost Rica:Methodist Theological Seminary, Latin American Biblical Seminary
Mexico:John Wesley Seminary, Methodist Seminary
West Indies:Methodist Theological Seminary


Schools, Colleges, & Universities

Caribbean:73 pre-schools, 2 primary schools, 10 high schools, 3 colleges
Costa Rica:Methodist High School, Methodist University
Mexico:Madero University
Panama:Pan-American Institute, Colon School


Methodist educational institutions in South America are organized in national associations that bring together schools, colleges, and universities in each country. These associations are then connected to the Latin American Association of Methodist Educational Institutions (ALAIME), which brings together 120 institutions in 12 different countries. The Regional Hub in Latin America works closely with ALAIME to support universities and integrate projects for leadership development.


Theological Schools

Argentina:Superior Institute of Theological Studies (ISEDET)
Brazil:São Paulo Theological School, Rio de Janeiro Theological Seminary (Region I), Porto Alegre Seminary (Region II), Theological Seminary (Region III), Belo Horizonte Theological Seminary (Region IV), Lins Theological Seminary (Region V), Londrina Theological Seminary (Region VI), Porto Velho Theological Seminary (Missionary Region)
Chile:Latin American Seminary
Peru:Theological Biblical Community/Seminary


Schools, Colleges, & Universities

Argentina:Ward Institute, Institute of Theological Studies, Latin American University (UCEL)
Bolivia:9 institutions members of the Methodist Educational Service (IEMB), including the American Institutes of Caranavim Cobija, Cochabamba, and La Paz (Methodist University of Bolivia in process)
Brazil:64 institutions members of the Network of Methodist Education (COGEIME), including the following: University of São Paulo, University of Piracicaba, University Center Porto Alegre, University Center Bennett, University Center Izabella Hendrix, Northwest Institute, Granbery Institute. For a complete list of institutions, refer to the COGEIME website:
Chile:40 institutions of the Methodist Education Ministry (MEM), including the Methodist Industrial Lyceum, IEP Professional Institute, Kusayapu Institute, Temuco Methodist High School, Methodist High School of Santiago, Methodist High School of Concepcion, English School of Iquique, and Center for Technical and Scientific Formation
Peru:9 institutions, including the America School of Callao, Maria Alvarado School in Lima, and the Andean School in Huancayo
Uruguay:Salto School, Crandon High School, Crandon Institute of Higher Education (Methodist University of Uruguay in progress)

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