Native American Ministries gifts help develop and strengthen Native American ministries within the annual conference if the conference has Native American ministries.

  • Provide scholarships for Native Americans attending United Methodist schools of theology and other schools approved by the University Senate of The United Methodist Church: (General Board of Higher Education and Ministry)
  • Expand the number of target cities in the Native American Urban Initiative: (General Board of Global Ministries)
  • Donate to the Native American Ministries fund via the GCFA website.

World Communion gifts provide:

  • World Communion Scholarships (General Board of Global Ministries), with at least one-half of the annual amount for ministries beyond the United States;
  • Ethnic Scholarship Program (General Board of Higher Education and Ministry); and
  • Ethnic In-Service Training Program (General Board of Higher Education and Ministry)
  • Donate to the World Communion fund via the GCFA website.

Student Day gifts provide:

  • United Methodist scholarships and the U.M. Student Loan Fund, administered by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM).
  • Annual conferences participating in the Rebate Program may award one or more merit scholarships to United Methodist students. Participating conferences may award scholarships to U.M. students who reside in the conference and who attend or will attend a U.M.-related college or university.
  • Donate to Student Day via the GCFA website.
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