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Hardship Assistance

TEMPORARY HARDSHIP such as unemployment or a medical situation may be reasons to qualify you for a six month deferment of loan repayment.


  • No prior hardship deferment within the past (12) months.
  • No more than (1) prior hardship deferment.
  • Borrower and the cosigner are able to provide proof of financial hardship including, but not limited to, any of the following: income documentation, written statement outlining the cause of the hardship or unemployment paperwork.

To apply, contact the Office of Loans and Scholarships at 615-340-7346 or email

IMPORTANT: Hardship deferment only delays repayment as interest continues to accrue on the outstanding principal. In addition, the monthly payment amount may increase. Total loan costs increase with any deferment, so it is beneficial to the borrower to continue making timely payments if at all possible.

TOTAL LOAN FORGIVENESS is only granted due to permanent disability or the death of the borrower.

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