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1991 - IAMSCU

At the 1991 World Methodist Conference in Singapore, the International Association Of Methodist Schools, Colleges and Universities – IAMSCU – was formed. It was the first time that all of the United Methodist-initiated educational institutions had come together. At that time there were 32 members for 10 countries. Now, there are over 800 institutions from approximately 80 countries. 

This growth and dynamism are a living testament to the global energy in the Methodist educational system. For so many students, teachers, and leaders, IAMSCU is an opportunity to become part of the global village. IMASCU offers opportunities to embrace technological advances, share resources, share stories, develop trans-continental exchanges, and celebrate the diverse ways in which God has called people from all corners of the earth. 

The loving reach of Methodism across geographical boundaries offers hope for new spiritual awakenings and educational prosperity not fathomable to even our present generation. How can we possibly know what form and shape, what divine inspiration will come from this incredible opportunity made possible by IAMSCU?


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