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For those who’ve heard God’s call to leadership, we’re here to make the journey with you, connecting you with what you need to flourish as difference-makers. That’s our commitment as the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. GBHEM.

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Education and Leadership in the Wesleyan and Methodist traditions.

Strong Roots and Long Tradition

Education is an integral part of the Methodist Movement led by John Wesley and Charles Wesley in 18th century England. Kingswood School was the first Methodist school, founded by John Wesley on June 24, 1748, and is still in existence today. Methodist education has developed significantly, represented today by more than 1,000 institutions in 80 countries.

The Wesleyan and Methodist tradition of education unites knowledge and vital piety. In this tradition, teaching and learning have a social and spiritual emphasis. Education is the key to eradicate slavery, poverty, hunger, illiteracy, unemployment and many other forms of oppression worldwide. Education is the key to promote peace, development and well-being.


The International Association of Methodist-related Schools, Colleges, and Universities (IAMSCU) was created during the 16th World Methodist Conference in Singapore in July 1991, a major initiative in promoting integration, internationalization and inter-institutional cooperation within the Wesleyan and Methodist traditions of education. IAMSCU's goals are to increase the availability of educational opportunities throughout the world, improve the quality of education, and enable educational institutions to collaborate through the development of common understanding.

The structure of the organization consists of the assembly, board of directors and executive officers (President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer). The board of directors is composed of members from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. Annual meetings are held to advise and approve planned programs and promote activities supported by the association. The assembly meets every three years during the IAMSCU Conference, the hallmark event of the association. IAMSCU offers many other ongoing programs.

A Bright Future

In 2016-2017, IAMSCU celebrates its 25th anniversary. To mark this important moment, the association is having its international conference in Mexico and planning a series of activities and many plans for the near future.


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