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Online Journal of Theology in African Context

Welcome to a new experience – an online Journal written by African theologians.

If we have learned anything in the last few decades, it is that the eternal truths from God must take root and have relevance wherever they are learned and lived.  We call that the “context” for ministry.

Christianity is maturing and growing in Africa. The United Methodist Church has 16 schools of theology and pastor’s colleges on the continent of Africa to assist Christians, growing in their faith, to see those eternal truths through an African perspective. How does faith apply to their everyday lives? What does the story of the” Feeding of the 5,000” mean in the midst of poverty? What does the “Prince of Peace” have to say to African nations?

In 2011, the African Association of United Methodist Theological Institutions was born. As the deans and faculty gathered, they were able to share their celebrations and their challenges. They were also able to speak theologically about their calling and goals to shape spiritual leaders for the future of the church. In an effort to expand that conversation, they have created this Journal: Theology in the African Context, so that these conversations can be held throughout the world.

The Pentecost story of the Holy Spirit being known in various tongues – is still the story in Africa. The theological institutions in Africa use three primary languages: French, English, and Portuguese. This is in addition to local languages and their variations, e.g. Swahili, Shona. Although we cannot publish this Journal in every tongue, we are providing it in three languages.

Rev. Dr. Rena M Yocom
Assistant General Secretary
Clergy Formation and Theological Education
General Board of Higher Education and Ministry
The United Methodist Church

PDF icon Journal of Theology in African Context

PDF icon Revista de Teologia no Contexto Africano

PDF icon Journal de Théologie en Contexte Africain