Global Theological Students

Join a United Methodist Covenant for Global Theological Students

Global Theological Students – a United Methodist Covenant is a network that aims to unite young United Methodist theological students from around the world in prayer, networking, and study.

The organization, sponsored by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, will use various forms of social media to connect young seminarians. Those who join will covenant to pray for one another, share experiences, and discuss God’s hope for the world.

We believe this covenant will help global theological students find their role in The United Methodist Church and the world as they study and prepare themselves for leadership.

Young theological students learn a great deal from each other. Using social media forums, they are able to share hopes, fears, and prayers.

The forums will host discussions on the possibilities for the future of United Methodism in a global setting. Regional meetings in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the U.S. will enhance the network. The network will also encourage individual student exchange programs.

Global Theological Students will replace and expand the former Young Adult Seminarians Network.

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