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Annual Conference Leaders

Annual Conference Leaders

United Methodist collegiate ministry are each direct ministry of their Annual Conferences. Their funding, support, and oversight are all part of the responsibilities of the Annual Conference Staff and Boards of Higher Education and Ministry. Through resources and networking, we offer tools that help support this vital work as we all strive to enhance the United Methodist ministry to college students. Special thanks to several annual conferences for sharing their valuable resources. May they serve as a guide for your Annual Conference in a way that deepens your ministry without having to recreate the wheel.

Annual Meetings

One of the most valuable parts of a peer-learning event is the opportunity to talk about what is happening in our churches, where we are struggling, and what new and exciting things are occurring. In light of this, there will be time for informal conversations, as well as more structured sessions.

The staff at the church are already at work, and the gathering promises to be a great opportunity for networking and learning.

AC Leader’s Conference


Learning the Holy Currencies

April 23-26, 2018

Nashville, TN

In partnership with Kaleidescope Institute, facilitated by Eric Law.

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