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Annual Conference Boards of Higher Education and Campus Ministry

Collegiate Minister Networks

United Methodist Campus Ministry Association

The United Methodist Campus Ministry Association (UMCMA) is a professional network engaging in support and advocacy.

Our Vision For the Future:

We envision a church that passionately loves college students as much as God does, and offers God’s transforming love to every student, on every campus, in every generation.

Values Integral to our Mission:

  • Grounded in our faith and the Wesleyan tradition
  • Shared passion for the United Methodist tradition
  • Shared passion for students
  • Committed to students
  • Communication with colleagues
  • Resourcing
  • Mutual support
  • Systemic vision
  • Reaching out
  • Intentionally inclusive
  • Disciple-making
  • Leadership development
  • Training
  • Relationships
  • Advocacy
  • Shared vision

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National Association of College and University Chaplains

A multifaith professional community supporting spiritual and ethical life in higher education.

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