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CCTEF Application Guidelines

The Fund for Central Conference Theological Education was established by the 2012 General Conference of The United Methodist Church (UMC). The UMC continues to live out the Wesleyan vision, to “unite the pair so long disjoined – knowledge and vital piety.” The goal is to strengthen theological education and pastoral formation in all of the Central Conferences in Africa, Europe and the Philippines. Funding plays a crucial role is such efforts.

The General Conference adopted the following categories as appropriate uses for the funding:

  1. Development of theological schools
  2. Development of Courses of Study
  3. Development of libraries and contextually developed resources
  4. Scholarships and faculty development
  5. Support for associations and networks of faculty and schools
  6. Support for new and innovative approaches to theological education

The Commission on Central Conference Theological Education acknowledged and affirmed these categories. Within the guidelines, the Commission states that priority will be given to requests that build capacity and sustainability, develop contextual education and resources and new/ innovative initiatives.

Funding is available for each Central Conference and Episcopal Area within the Central Conferences. The Commission will approve the grants on a proportional basis.

Who can apply?

  • Institutions in Central Conferences that are related to The United Methodist Church
  • Boards of Ordained Ministry
  • United Methodist organizations that are integrally related to ministry and theological education

Note: No individual applications will be accepted for scholarships. Scholarships can be requested via institutions for faculty or students as they expand the capacity of the school in particular fields, or by Boards of Ordained Ministry to strengthen the ministerial outreach for a particular context for ministry.

When to Apply?

The CCTEF grant application period opens on August 1, 2018.

The official online application and supporting materials must be submitted by October 31, 2018 at 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time. The online application will not be available after the deadline.

How to Apply?

Application Prerequisites: Ministerial Needs and Theological Education Surveys

CCTEF guidelines require that before any project is submitted, each Episcopal Area and each theological school must complete an online survey on clergy (for Episcopal Areas, on behalf of project applications coming from Boards of Ordained Ministry) and on theological institutions (for theological schools for their own project applications). The online survey (for each Episcopal Area and each theological school) will be updated every four years at the beginning of a new quadrennium. During the application process, applicants will be required to verify that the survey is listed as received.

Online Application

Application forms and all materials related to the CCTEF grant application process MUST be submitted through the online application program, Fluid Review.  

  • Applying institutions, boards or organizations must submit a completed application
  • Application must be in accordance with the categories set by the General Conference
  • Application must show a system of fiscal accountability (i.e., treasurer, oversight committee, for designated funds)
  • Grant recipients must have a bank account that accepts U.S. dollars
  • Proposals will need endorsements:
    • Proposals from Boards of Ordained Ministry will be endorsed by the Board of Ordained Ministry Chair
    • Proposals from theological institutions and organizations will need to be endorsed by the Board of Trustees or Board of Directors

Completed applications will be forwarded to the person named for their endorsement.

What is the approval and award process?

Approval process

All proposals will be screened by a committee from each Central Conference.

Recommendations will go from the screening committee to the full commission.

Project proposals that go beyond one Central Conference will be screened by the Executive Committee of the Commission.

Award Notification

Applicants will be notified about award decisions by email, through Fluid Review. The applicant will need to accept the grant online and submit an updated budget for the award amount.  

Transfer of Award Funds

For security purposes, grant recipients must submit an International Wire Transfer form using Fluid Review. Recipients will be asked to confirm when the funds have been received.

What is the award follow-up process?

If the proposal is approved and awarded a grant, the Commission requires a progress report and a final report to be submitted. Reports must be submitted through the online grant application program Fluid Review.

Please note: reports for awards received in the 2013-2016 quadrennium must be submitted online at  Future applications will not be considered if the required reports are not provided.


CCTEF Application Process

2017-2020 Membership of the Central Conference Theological Education Commission

Africa Central Conference

  • Rev. Moises Bernardo Jungo
  • Rev. Alcides Jacinto Arez Martins
  • Bishop Joaquina Filipe Nhanala
  • Rev. Tsitsi Madziyire Chigwizura

Congo Central Conference

  • Bishop Daniel Lunge Onashuyaka
  • Rev. Rde Katchiko Furaha Esther
  • Rev. Clement Chijka Kongolo
  • Rev. Mbumba Kaiva Faustin

Europe Central Conferences

  • Bishop Patrick Streiff
  • Rev. Dr. Sergei Nikolaev
  • Rev. Irene Kraft
  • Rev. Thomas Risager

Phillipines Central Conference

  • Bishop Peter Torio
  • Rev. Roberto Ladia
  • Rev. Connie Mella
  • TBD

West Africa Central Conference

  • Dr. Yed Angoran
  • Rev. Yatta Young
  • Rev. John Pena Auta
  • Bishop John K. Yambasu

General Board of Global Ministries    

  • Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar
  • TBD

General Board of Higher Education and Ministry

  • Dr. Douglass Lewis
  • Dr. Amos Nascimento


  • Rev. Greg Bergquist
  • Rev. Shannon Conklin-Miller