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Project Athletic Ambassador

Project Athletic Ambassador (PAA) is a Black College Fund initiative designed to provide a “connect point” among BCF students, administration and the local UM church community.

PAA leverages the excitement of college athletics and the comfort/familiarity of the local (“home”) church by creating the opportunity for:

  1. Students to meet local churches that support their BCF school
  2. Local churches (especially youth) to meet and encourage student athletes
  3. School administration to educate the local church & community about their Institution and recruit prospective families

PAA will incorporate the following types of activities:

  • Ambassador “ Meet & Greet” Receptions
  • Road Trip “Goody Bags”
  • “Take a Look at Us” School Slide Show Presentations
  • Local Church/Alumni Night at the Game
  • College Fair
  • Youth Sports Clinic
  • Team Worship

The PAA Pilot Test was launched in January 2008. At the conclusion of the Pilot (April 2008), the initiative was evaluated and refined for larger scale implementation.

Project Athletic Ambassador will help build mutually beneficial relationships between the BCF institutions and the local church communities by:

  • Increasing the awareness of the Black College Fund institutions and encouraging future college students to consider BCF schools
  • Providing an opportunity for local UMC congregations to “touch and feel” students from the BCF institutions that their apportionments help fund
  • Providing an opportunity for BCF institutions to demonstrate their gratitude to the very congregations whose apportionments ensure financial support in the form of BCF funding and educate local churches on their institutions
  • Encouraging leadership development among the BCF student athletes and providing opportunities to showcase their abilities and talents

Participating Cities


  • Frankfort, KY
  • Houston, TX
  • Montgomery, AL
  • Canton, MS
  • Little Rock, AR
  • Washington, DC
  • Orangeburg, SC
  • Columbia, SC
  • Taylors, SC

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