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2018 CCTEF Grants

Commission on Central Conference Theological Education 2018 Grants

Central ConferenceProject TitleOn Behalf of:Award Amount
Across Multiple Central ConferencesOnline Library Resources with E-Readers: Contextual Theological Education in AfricaAAUMTI$50,000.00
Across Multiple Central ConferencesAAUMTI AssociationAAUMTI$50,000.00
Across Multiple Central ConferencesAAUMTI Ph.D. Scholarship Programme: Theological Education in AfricaAssociation Africa United Methodist-related Theological Institutions: AAUMTI$100,000.00
Across Multiple Central ConferencesThe Endowment Fund for Theological Education in the Central ConferencesEndowment Fund Board$195,549.00
Across Multiple Central ConferencesAAUMTI Anglophone writer workshopAfrica University$15,000.00
Across Multiple Central ConferencesInstitute for Multicultural MinistryBOM, North Germany Annual Conference$20,000.00
Across Multiple Central Conferences (Africa CC)Exploration-AfricaYouth Event$50,000.00
Across Multiple Central ConferencesIntercultural Field Education $20,000.00
Across Multiple Central ConferencesFunds to be held for Philippines CC to hold an event across mulitiple episcopal areasPhilippines CC$30,000.00
Africa Central ConferenceThe literacy to teach to read and writeSociedade de Mulheres Metodistas$15,000.00
Africa Central ConferenceJornadas cientificasDepartamento de Estatística$15,000.00
Africa Central ConferenceBolsa de EstudosFaculdade Metodista de Teologia do Quessua $40,000.00
Africa Central ConferenceUMC SOUTH AFRICA ANNUAL CONFERENCEBoard of Ordained Ministry$17,582.00
Africa Central ConferenceCambine Theological Seminary ScholarshipCambine Theological Seminary$22,230.00
Africa Central ConferenceAjuda nos a andarCentro de Treinamento Teologico de Gondola$14,450.00
Africa Central ConferenceResource Centre Computer Lab and Diversity Scholarships United Methodist Theological Training College$10,000.00
Africa Central ConferenceBurundi Conference Course of Study BOM$60,000.00
Africa Central ConferenceUMUM-Faculty of Theology ScholarshipUnited Methodist University of Mozambique$15,738.00
Africa Central ConferenceEducation as a KeyIgreja Metodista Unida$35,000.00
Africa Central ConferenceBolsas de Estudo para Pastor na Universidade MetodistaConferencia Aual do Oeste de Angola$35,000.00
Africa Central ConferenceCourse of StudiesBOM Malawi Provisional Annual Conference$17,000.00
Africa Central ConferenceMinisterial TrainingAfrica University$30,000.00
Africa Central ConferenceMinisterial TrainingUnited Theological College$23,000.00
Congo Central ConferenceBourses des etudesEcole de Theologie de Kisangani$19,000.00
Congo Central ConferenceRenforcement de capacité des pasteurs dans la conférence annuelle des provinces Oriental et Equateur. COURS DE CONFERENCE ? CONFERENCE DE PROVINCES ORIENTAL ET EQUATEUR$15,912.50
Congo Central ConferenceFormation continue (Cours de conférence) des pasteurs de la Région Episcopale du Congo CentralMinistre ordonné$26,932.50
Congo Central ConferenceBourses d’étude pour les étudiants de la Faculté Méthodiste de Théologie de MusumbaMusumba Theological Seminary$10,450.00
Congo Central ConferenceNorth Katanga, Tanganyika and Tanzania District Superintendents’ TrainingUMC-North Katanga, Tanganyika, and Tanzania Episcopal Area$5,700.00
Congo Central ConferenceKabongo Methodist University School of theologyKabongo Methodist University$10,450.00
Congo Central ConferenceTanganyika Pastors’ School (Part 2)North Katanga Episcopal Area$4,512.50
Congo Central ConferenceTanzania Pastors’ School  (Part 2)North Katanga Episcopal Area$3,800.00
Congo Central ConferenceNorth Katanga Pastors’ School  (Part 2)North Katanga Conference$9,500.00
Congo Central ConferenceKamina Methodist University (School of Theology)Kamina Methodist University$31,350.00
Congo Central ConferenceBourse d’étude à octroyer aux étudiants de Kafakumba pastors SchoolKafakumba pastors School$5,700.00
Congo Central Conferencescholarships and faculty development  Faculté de Théologie de Wembo-Nyama$33,250.00
Congo Central ConferenceTraining of Lay PreachersFaculté Méthodiste de Théologie de Lubumbashi$9,880.00
Congo Central ConferenceApprentissage de l’anglais  intensive English à aux étudiants en théologieFaculté Méthodiste de Théologie de Lubumbashi$7,125.00
Congo Central Conference Bourse d’étude à octroyer aux étudiants de la Faculté Méthodiste de Théologie de LubumbashiUniversite Methodiste au Katanga Faculte de Theologie$14,250.00
Congo Central ConferenceBourse d’étude à octroyer aux étudiants de la Faculté Méthodiste de Théologie de KasajiFaculté Méthodiste de Théologie de Kasaji$5,700.00
Congo Central Conference1. Octroi de bourse d’études aux 87 étudiants de théologie et abonnement internet de l’université méthodiste de KinduFaculté de théologie de l’Université Méthodiste de Kindu$28,500.00
Congo Central ConferenceOctroi de bourse d’études aux 61 étudiants de l’école théologique de tunda et abonnement internet ecole théologique de tunda$25,650.00
Congo Central ConferenceScholarship for North-Katanga Student PastorsUniversité Méthodiste au Katanga$12,825.00
Congo Central ConferenceScholarships for South-Congo Students PastorsUNIVERSITE METHODISTE AU KATANGA$45,837.50
Congo Central ConferenceDEMANDE DE SUBVENTION POUR LA FORMATION THEOLOGIQUEEcole de Théologie Pastorale/Diengenga$19,000.00
Congo Central ConferenceFurther Studies for Wesley College facultyWesley College$950.00
Congo Central ConferenceStudent ScholarshipsWesley College$4,750.00
Congo Central ConferenceBourse d’étude pour l’apprentissage de l’anglais aux Etudiants de la Faculté de Théologie de Kamina (intensive english)Faculté de Théologie Méthodiste de Kamina$2,375.00
Congo Central ConferenceFormation des pasteurs femmes de la région épiscopale du Nord-Katanga sur la gestion et la résolution des conflitsComité du Clergywomen de la Région Episcopale du Nord-Katanga$2,850.00
Europe/Germany/Central & Southern EuropeScholarships for students in theologyBulgaria/Romania BOM$3,200.00
Europe/Germany/Central & Southern EuropeEducational Video Resources The United Methodist Church in Eurasia$3,500.00
Europe/Germany/Central & Southern EuropeEurasia Unified Educational System: Centres for Church LeadershipThe United Methodist Church in Eurasia$15,500.00
Europe/Germany/Central & Southern EuropeEurasia UMC Academy for Spiritual Formation 2019The United Methodist church in Eurasia$11,500.00
Europe/Germany/Central & Southern EuropeJan Laski Warsaw Theological SeminaryJan Laski Warsaw Higher Theological Seminary$9,500.00
Europe/Germany/Central & Southern EuropeBMTS Translation ProjectBaltic Methodist Theological Seminary*$45,000.00
over (5) awards
Europe/Germany/Central & Southern EuropeBMTS Mission Resource CenterBaltic Methodist Theological Seminary*
Europe/Germany/Central & Southern EuropeBMTS Online class developmentBaltic Methodist Theological Seminary*
Europe/Germany/Central & Southern EuropeBMTS Developing Study Materials in Local LanguagesBaltic Methodist Theological Seminary*
Europe/Germany/Central & Southern EuropeWhat Would Wesley PreachBoard of Ordained Ministry, United Methodist Church in Estonia*
Europe/Germany/Central & Southern EuropeEducation and Training Programs in the UMC in HungaryMagyarországi Metodista Egyház$19,000.00
Europe/Germany/Central & Southern EuropeTranslation of Methodist Theological materials into Latvian and further education of Church leadership in LatviaLatvia UMC$2,500.00
Europe/Germany/Central & Southern EuropeTranslation Systematic Theology Book into RussianMoscow Theologial Seminary of the United Methodist Church$4,500.00
Europe/Germany/Central & Southern EuropeScholarships for Theology StudentsMoscow Theological Seminary of the United Methodist Church$12,500.00
Europe/Germany/Central & Southern EuropeStipends for faculty members (research semester)Reutlingen School of Theology$2,000.00
Europe/Germany/Central & Southern EuropeNew IT SystemReutlingen School of Theology$2,600.00
Europe/Germany/Central & Southern EuropeNew Academic ProgramReutlingen School of Theology$10,000.00
Europe/Germany/Central & Southern EuropeDigital librarianship (development of the Reutlingen Theological School’s Library)Reutlingen School of Theology$20,000.00
Europe/Germany/Central & Southern EuropeStipends for Methodist StudentsReutlingen School of Theology$5,000.00
Europe/Germany/Central & Southern EuropeTheological Education in Albania & MacedoniaUnited Methodist Church in Albania and Macedonia$6,700.00
Philippines Central ConferenceInnovative Theological Education Program (ITEP)Union Theological Seminary$18,000.00
Philippines Central ConferenceDEA Expanded Theological Extension ProgramDavao Episcopal Area$45,830.00
Philippines Central ConferenceMinistry thru Multi-media and CIKATS + ( a continuation of radio-tv ministry, CIKATS and the Operation of the Center for Pastoral Care, Health and WellnessSouthern Philippines Methodist Colleges, Inc.$20,000.00
Philippines Central ConferenceWomen Coaching WomenNational United Methodist Clergywomen Association$8,670.00
Philippines Central ConferenceLibrary Development Phase 1: e-Library and Computer LaboratoryWesley Divinity School$3,000.00
Philippines Central ConferenceScholarships for Master of Divinity and MA in Christian Education StudentsWesley Divinity School$3,000.00
Philippines Central ConferenceKidapawan Institute for Ecumenical Studies, Spiritual Formation, and Intercultural Spirituality (KInESIS)SPMCI Kidapawan Institute for Ecumenical Studies, Spiritual Formation, and Intercultural Spirituality (KInESIS)$10,000.00
Philippines Central ConferenceMaster of Divinity Students’ Fees, Basic Course of Studies and Advance Course of Studies in MEAManila Episcopal Area$50,000.00
Philippines Central Conference2019 BEA Pastors’ Theological Education ScholarshipBoard of Ordained Ministry$31,500.00
Philippines Central Conference2019 BEA Course of Study Program – Philippines and OverseasBoard of Ordained Ministry$6,300.00
Philippines Central Conference2019 PCC Division of Ordained Ministry Development of COS TextbooksPCC Division of Ordained Ministry$2,250.00
Philippines Central Conference2019 PCC University Senate Curriculum SummitPCC University Senate$5,400.00
Philippines Central Conference2019 BEA Theological Schools (BEATS)BEA Theological Schools$27,000.00
Philippines Central Conference2019 CARE for the Margins (BEA)Board of Ordained Ministry$4,500.00
West Africa Central ConferenceScholarship, Faculty, Library and curriculum developmentBishop Wenner School of Theology$77,916.00
West Africa Central ConferenceTraining District Committes on Ordained MinistryBoard of Ordained Ministry$12,467.00
West Africa Central Conference #418-Gbarnga School of Theology Computer Lab for Students and FacultyGbarnga School of Theology, United Methodist University$30,687.00
West Africa Central ConferenceE-Library (Internet Bandwidth) monthly subscriptionBanyam Theological Seminary$5,000.00
West Africa Central ConferenceShort Theological Course Nigerian Episcopal AreaBanyam Theological Seminary$20,000.00
West Africa Central ConferenceStudent’s Scholarshipfor Banyam Theological SeminaryBanyam Theological Seminary$50,000.00
West Africa Central ConferenceCHAPLAINCY TRAINING PROJECTConseil des Ministres$11,508.00
West Africa Central ConferenceNATIONALS IN MISSIONCabinet du Bishop / Secrétariat de l’EMUCI$14,385.00
West Africa Central ConferencePERMANENT FUND OF PUBLISHINGEquipe de Publication Editions Kanien$8,871.00
West Africa Central ConferenceCOMIC STRIP EDITION AND CARTOONS Equipe de Publication Editions Kanien$19,180.00
West Africa Central ConferenceFinancial Assistance and Faculty DevelopmentThe Bishop John G. Inis Graduate School of Theology$26,372.00
West Africa Central ConferenceTwo Week Wesley Heritage Tour$8,390.00

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