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COVID-19 Health Resources

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United Methodist public health professionals throughout the connection are working hard to slow the spread of the coronavirus and to research treatments for this disease. In many cases, our United Methodist colleges and universities are helping lead the fight against COVID-19 with compassion and innovation.

On this page, we invite you to explore the work of United Methodist leaders and institutions that are offering their resources and research to try and end this pandemic.

IAMSCU Declaration on Global Vaccine Equity

Read the declaration here.

United Methodist Schools Offer Resources and Research

Many United Methodist schools, colleges and universities are at the forefront of the battle against coronavirus. Together these schools have a network of research hospitals, laboratories and public health facilities that are offering guidance and concrete assistance to those in need. Review the list below to see recent virus-related work by our United Methodist higher education institutions.

The International Response to COVID-19

As organizations and governments around the world test different tactics to address the spread of the coronavirus, it can be helpful to review others’ strategies. In June, the executive director of GBHEM’s South Korea LEAD Hub, Dr. Young Min Paik, shared how his country has been combating the virus and what approaches have seen success. His full webinar, “Learning from South Korea’s COVID-19 Response,” is available here.

Coronavirus Public Health References

Many people have questions about COVID-19 and what precautions they can take to prevent its spread. A group of GBHEM’s public health colleagues collaborated to create two helpful guides. These documents include compilations of information from leading global health organizations as well as answers to common questions about the coronavirus. As new information becomes available these PDFs are updated. Please reference the dates below and be sure to download the latest version.

Updated as of April 27, 2020:

Coronavirus: A Summary of Risks, Prevention and Control

Answers to Common COVID-19 Questions

The following public health professionals lent their time to edit and compile these documents:

  • James K. Gray, Ph.D.
  • Kristi McClellan, MPH
  • Richard A. Nisbett, Ph.D., MSPH
  • Martha Slay Wingate, DrPH

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