Evolving to meet the leadership needs of the Church.

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We're Evolving

Through the vision, "generations of thriving, diverse and passionate Christian leaders for The United Methodist Church and the world," GBHEM is transitioning to a leadership development and formation center for The United Methodist Church. Realizing that the agency's connections are our strengths, GBHEM launched CONNECT ANEW to share the agency's work to transition and meet the evolving leadership needs of the church.

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What's Included

CONNECT ANEW introduces the initiatives GBHEM is undertaking to become a leadership develop and formation center for the church. Each initiative serves as a connecting point that plays a vital role in GBHEM's preparation and transition.

• Research on the agency's effectiveness, as well as the leadership needs of the church from the perspectives of the audiences GBHEM serves, completed through the ROI (Return on Investment) Institute

• Branding research and refresh in partnership with DVL Seigenthaler, a Finn Partners Company and public relations firm, to represent the identity of the agency's leadership development and formation center

• Restructure of the agency's staff to maximize talents and resources

• Training initiatives within and outside of the agency that support the formation of a leadership center

• Exploration for the physical location of GBHEM's leadership center, as well as shared space with other church agencies to maximize collaboration and financial stewardship

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CONNECT ANEW impacts leaders who connect to and benefit from GBHEM's leadership programs, services and processes. The agency has developed many connections to accomplish our work in leadership development and formation across the United Methodist Connection. Whether it is the clergy we support from discernment and ordination to retirement, the denomination's schools, colleges, universities and schools of theology, students around the world or global education associations and networks, GBHEM seeks insight and feedback from the leaders we resource and support to assist in this transition process.

Join the CONNECT ANEW story! Let us know how your connection to GBHEM has benefited your life and ministry using #CONNECTANEW on social media.

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The Latest News on CONNECT ANEW

GBHEM will keep you up to date on all of the latest news, information and updates surrounding the CONNECT ANEW initiatives.


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For questions or additional information about CONNECT ANEW, email us at communications@gbhem.org or @GBHEM on Facebook or Twitter.