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Local Pastors as Clergy

Full-time and part-time licensed local pastors under appointment are clergy members of the annual conference. Those who are licensed for pastoral ministry and appointed to the local church shall preach, conduct divine worship, and perform the duties of a pastor (¶¶ 32, 315, 602).

Licensed to Order the Life of the Congregation(s)

The local pastor oversees the ministry of the congregation(s) where appointed to fulfill its mission of witness and service in the world. The local pastor gives pastoral support and guidance, and trains lay leadership in fulfilling their ministries. The local pastor has administrative oversight of the charge and supervises the programs of the congregation(s) he or she serves (¶ 316).

Local Pastor Relationships

The local pastor is supervised by a district superintendent and bishop, and meets regularly with a clergy mentor and the district Committee on Ordained Ministry for ongoing approval to serve. Local pastors participate annually in the Course of Study in order to receive theological education. After completion of the Course of Study, a local pastor may engage in Advanced Course of Study or continuing education. Along with associate members, they participate in the Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members for ongoing peer support while in ministry.

Students Appointed As Local Pastors

Students who are enrolled in pre-theological studies in a college, university, or school of theology listed by the University Senate may be appointed as part-time or full-time local pastors. Students may be appointed to serve either in the annual conference where their certification is held or in another annual where they attend school  (¶ 318.3).

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