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EM360 Folio


Enhanced Features for Conference-Wide Usage

Built upon EM360, the only 360° feedback and leadership formation tool designed specifically for the UMC, EM360 Folio empowers conferences with tools to help Cabinets supervise, train and appoint pastors more efficiently by identifying a leader’s unique strengths and growth opportunities. 

Clergy excellence is rooted in the early days of the Wesleyan movement that offered honest feedback to preachers and lay leaders alike from fellow preachers, small groups and supervising leadership. Space was given to process the feedback and grow. EM360 continues that tradition using research and best practices from performance improvement sciences.

Designed to make the supervision and shepherding work of the cabinet more efficient; those tasked with supervising and attending to the development of hundreds of clergy.

Tools for Supervision

Offers leadership a full view of how congregants, colleagues and their District Superintendent perceive unique strengths, blind spots, hidden strengths and aligned growth opportunities.

• We make it easy on the annual conference. Once you set up your account, we’ll send you a link that you can forward to any pastors who you want to go through the EM360 process. You’ll even be able to track their progress.

• Provides tools to make appointment-making more efficient through a searchable database with qualitative information.

• Dashboard feature easily allows you to identify conference-wide continuing education needs.

• Helps identify clergy possessing skills which may allow them to grow into mentors, coaches and teachers.

• Qualitative and quantitative feedback from reviewers on clergy Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Personal Characteristics (KSAPs). 


EM360 Folio Highlights

  • A tool for reflection, growth, and supervision.
  • Designed to make it easy on the pastor. They input the names and emails for people they think should assess them. The platform notifies reviewers and the pastor’s DS until assessments are completed.
  • Reveals insights to craft a growth plan to inform their ministry based on the 4 Common Qualities of effective ministry leaders: inspired, connected, agile & rooted.
  • More than just numeric assessment. Qualitative feedback makes the experience about way more than metrics.
  • Designed specifically for UM Clergy after years of research by workplace assessment professionals and UM experts on clergy development.
  • Tested and verified by Explorance, an international leader in workplace assessment tools.

EM360 measures how clergy skills and competencies are perceived in their current ministry context by those who fill out assessments.

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