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EM360: Helping the Church Meet Its Ministry Goals

EM360 or Effective Ministry 360 is an assessment instrument that helps pastors and congregations better meet conference and local church missions and ministry goals. With proven results, the 360-degree survey has been tested over the last 10 years within Annual Conferences across the United Methodist Connection. A product of GBHEM, EM360 furthers the mission and work in developing and supporting leaders for the church today and tomorrow. 

The Research

Through 10 years of research, GBHEM has identified the components of effective ministry for local pastors. This research is the basis for EM360 and its metrics that gauge pastoral effectiveness. EM360 is a part of the formation process for local pastors. 

With EM360, pastors, Staff and Pastor-Parish Relations Committees (S/PPRC), district superintendents, and bishops have a tool to help gauge the progression of pastors within their conferences over time. EM360 will help local pastors, their congregations and conference leadership partners to establish attainable and relevant ministry goals and formation plans. 

Who Should Use EM360

Local pastors, Annual Conferences and church leaders seeking support and a comprehensive review of ministry effectiveness as well as the accomplishment of ministry goals and missions should consider implementing EM360. EM360 is a valuable resource in gathering and analyzing successes, areas for opportunity and development, and future planning. 

EM360 Measurements

By analyzing the work of effective pastors through job analyses, focus groups, and surveys, GBHEM identified 12 dimensions of effective ministry and 46 personal attributes, in the areas of abilities, personal characteristics, knowledge, and skills, that equip pastors for effectiveness in local church ministry.

EM360 measures pastors on these two scales: 

Effective Ministry Dimensions

  • Agile Leadership
  • Preaching and Worship Leadership
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Self-Development
  • Care-Giving
  • Team Leadership
  • Training and Development of Ministry Partners
  • Evengelism and Outreach
  • Mission and Service
  • Developing and Maintaining Relationships
  • Administration and Organization
  • Connectional Service


  • Abilities – trust in God, reading comprehension and intelligence 
  • Personal Characteristics – integrity, authenticity, dependability
  • Knowledge – theology and scripture, administrative principles and management principles
  • Skills – oral communication, time management and spiritual disciplines 

EM360 Process

Each pastor using EM60 and their partners in the formation process (S/PPRC members, district superintendents and peers) respond to questions about the pastor’s work and the attributes that the pastor exhibits in a survey tool. 

Following the 360-degree survey, the pastor receives a report highlighting four perspectives: aggregate scores from the S/PPRC and peer group and individual scores from the pastor and district superintendent. With the aid of a discussion guide, the pastor and S/PPRC interpret the report and develop a formation plan to meet the church’s ministry goals. The pastor’s district superintendent and bishop have access to a dashboard that shows results for participants. The dashboards allow the leaders to view information for individual pastors as well as a holistic view of all pastors, providing a comprehensive insight of trends among pastors and congregations across the Annual Conference. 


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