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For those who’ve heard God’s call to leadership, we’re here to make the journey with you, connecting you with what you need to flourish as difference-makers. That’s our commitment as the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. GBHEM.

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Endowment Fund Testimonials

"Support of the UMEA Endowment Fund is a way that I, as a member of the UMC endorsed community, can ‘pay it forward’ to benefit those who will follow me as well as those presently serving in extended ministries. As a health care chaplain, the UMEA keeps me connected to the larger church and creates a space where I find support, affirmation, education and encouragement. I hope that UMEA will remain a strong advocate now and in the future through a strong endowment."
~ Rev. Rhonda S. Cooper M.Div BCC, Chaplain, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland


"The UMEA Endowment Fund is vital to maintaining the support, education and encouragement that the UMEA provides to the endorsed community for decades to come. My wife and I decided to give so that my colleagues around the world and I would continue to receive the level of care that helps us be effective in our unique roles serving God’s people. As a hospital chaplain, I have spoken with many others in my field from different faith groups and they are always amazed at the benefits I receive from the UMEA. I personally have benefited from the prayers, the free education events, an annual letter of encouragement, a breakfast at my annual professional conference and the visitor program.  It is good to feel connected to the greater Church through the work of the UMEA. I pray that the UMEA Endowment Fund is fully funded to continue to meet the important needs of the endorsed community."
~ Rev. Brian Hurley, M.Div., BCC, Hospital Staff Chaplain


"The Methodist Movement was built upon the passion to spread the love of Christ to all parts of the world. Chaplains as a special ministry arm of the church are the voices to this movement beyond the local church. They are the modern-day circuit riders who touch the lives of Methodists and other souls needing to hear the message of hope and love wherever they may work or play. The Endowment Fund campaign is vital to continuing the work of John Wesley and all our leaders, past and future, and in being the church we were intended and needed for all time. I enthusiastically support and recommend to all who believe in our Wesley vision to prayerfully consider supporting the UMEA Endowment."
~ Retired Deputy Chief of Chaplains and Brigadier General of the U.S. Army Charles Ray Bailey



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