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Endorsement for Ministries of Pastoral Care in Specialized Settings

If you believe God is calling you to service in a specialized ministry beyond the walls of the local church and wish to be endorsed, you must meet certain requirements before applying:

  • be an associate member, licensed local pastor, provisional deacon or elder, or full member of an annual conference 
  • have graduated from an accredited college and seminary.
  • meet any additional requirements required by the setting.

Contact the United Methodist Endorsing Agency for an application by sending an email to umea@gbhem.orgYou will be asked to provide a life history and statement of your understanding of ministry in the setting for which you are seeking endorsement.You will be asked for references from your bishop, district superintendent, and two others.An interview committee of endorsed chaplains and pastoral counselors will conduct a peer review. Areas examined will include your moral and emotional stability and ability to face crises and adversity, your ability to evaluate your present ministry, to clearly express your theory of Christian ministry, your motivation, continuing education, sense of humor, cooperativeness, your understanding of the difference in institutional and congregational ministry, and your ability as a pastor. The interview committee will make a recommendation to the endorsing committee. The endorsing committee, composed of members of the Division of Ordained Ministry and a bishop, will make a recommendation pertaining to your endorsement.

Endorsement Interviews

Ecclesiastical endorsement is an affirmation that a person is, or will be, performing a valid extension ministry consistent with the covenantal community of The United Methodist Church and has presented evidence of having the special education, experience, and skills necessary to perform that ministry.

Endorsement is given to a specific setting. Should an individual move from one setting to another, the endorsement will be reviewed and, if approved, issued for the new setting. From application to endorsement, the process normally takes two to four months. Contact UMEA via email at Interviews will take place in Nashville, Tenn.

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