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United Methodist Endorsed Chaplains Are Making a Difference

September 19, 2018

A waterfall surrounded by fall foliage.Chaplains and pastoral counselors endorsed by the United Methodist Church are making a big impact in the world. The United Methodist Endorsing Agency has endorsed or approved over 1,700 active United Methodist clergy, who extend the ministry of the church to dozens of settings outside of congregations. Their ministry is a gift of mercy and blessing offered to the world in the name of Jesus Christ.

Health-care ministry represents the single largest block of chaplains, with 555 United Methodists endorsed for service in hospitals or hospices, including the Veterans Health Administration. We have endorsed 278 military chaplains, who serve the members of the armed forces, and approved 95 volunteer chaplains for military auxiliaries like the Civil Air Patrol and the Coast Guard Auxiliary. There are 151 United Methodist endorsed or approved chaplains (mostly volunteer) who serve law enforcement and emergency services. Another 53 are endorsed for prison ministry. Health and welfare ministries, such as children’s homes and retirement communities, are served by 65 United Methodist endorsed chaplains. Ministering in substance abuse, family therapy, and mental-health care are 219 endorsed licensed counselors. Also endorsed are 88 transitional interim ministry specialists, 55 clinical pastoral education (CPE) educators, 32 life coaches and 22 industrial chaplains. Another 71 are endorsed for other specialized settings.

Chaplains and pastoral counselors may work full time, part time or as volunteers. Among them are elders, deacons, and local pastors. If their ministries were funded by the church instead of their employers, it would cost the church tens of millions of dollars annually to reproduce the effect they are having. They offer the love of Christ to hundreds of thousands of people each year. Many of their constituents are experiencing life’s most difficult challenges. 

Please remember to pray for our chaplains and pastoral counselors, their families, their ministries, and the people they support. 

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