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The Importance of Submitting Annual Reports

September 14, 2017

Submitting Annual reportWe understand submitting annual reports can be a real chore. We know, because like you, it has often been our experience the effort we made to convey the relevance of transformational ministry goes unread. In fact, it often seems like no one in church bureaucracy really cares about ministry beyond church walls. In the process discouragement sets in, and for some, the writing and submission of annual reports stops.

While the United Methodist Endorsing Agency (UMEA) is identified as a courtesy copy in the reporting requirements, we take pride in not only reading but responding to the annual report. Unfortunately, the submission rate has decreased over the years. Last year, only 25% of our endorsed community submitted a courtesy copy of their annual report to UMEA. What is more and even startling, of the ten applications recently received for the director of endorsement position, the average annual report submission rate was less than 40%.

Remember, your annual report is important for several reasons:

  • Your annual report gives you a voice with leadership. Don’t let your voice be unheard!
  • Your report conveys the relevance of ministry. It is an opportunity to celebrate you and the vital leadership and faith witness you bring in service of Christ and the Church
  • Your report gives us the opportunity to specifically name you in prayer. As we draft our response, it is you and your ministry being held at these sacred moments
  • Your report is a fulfillment of your covenantal responsibility to the connection, as such, your file becomes a history of your connectional accountability. When you request UMEA to provide updates on endorsement for professional credentialing, employment, etc., we refer to your file as an indicator of your active involvement and covenantal commitment
  • Your report often conveys tremendous insights into your ministry. UMEA uses these stories to interpret the transformational witness of your ministry to the greater church
  • Your report often conveys the personal and professional challenges you are experiencing. Not only does UMEA hold you in prayer, but if necessary directs resources to attend to personal and professional development needs

Soon each of us will be moving into the annual season of reporting on our ministry. While there is a general reporting form for clergy (elders and deacons) located on the GBHEM/Chaplains website. You will want to check with your conference reporting forms to ensure you are using the appropriate form for your annual submission.

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