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Chaplain Highlight: Hector Colon-Colon

September 14, 2017

Hector Colon-Colon, United States Air Force ChaplainAs we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, we lift up the story of one our colleagues, Hector Colon-Colon, United States Air Force Chaplain.

What is your endorsement setting?
I am an elder from the Central Texas Annual Conference appointed as a chaplain in the Air Force. First, I was an Army Chaplain for seven and a half years, then transferred to the Air Force.

What prompted you to serve God in this setting?
I always wanted to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces, however the opportunity never came to realization. Also, after performing local church ministries in Pennsylvania and Texas for 14 years, I needed a change and challenge. That was when at the age of 39, I joined the Army Chaplain Corps.

The United Methodist Church focuses on life transformation in Jesus Christ, what story can you share about transformation because of this ministry?
The Armed Forces Chaplaincy Corps always have the blessing and opportunity to help our Lord Jesus Christ in the mission of transforming the military people and their families. A particular story, sadly repeated so many times, is the moment I am entrusted to deliver a death notification to a loved one, either because a fellow brother/sister was killed in action or for any other misfortune. My interaction with the family, friends and co-workers is the beginning of a possible healing in the midst of pain and sorrow. In the process, transformation occurs between those mourning the loss and with the Chaplain Religious Support Teams. These are grace-filled opportunities!

What brings you joy in this ministry?
People bring me joy! Even after 21 years in the military chaplaincy, I experience joy in the incredible and awesome people I am serving with and beside every single day. I am encircled with noble professional comrades. They epitomize the Air Force Core Values: Integrity First. Service Before Self. Excellence In All We Do! Our military personnel serving in harms ways, either in the U.S. or other corners of this globe, are the cornerstone of our nation’s military successes.

What challenges you in this ministry?
I do not see challenges, I see opportunities. The opportunities to serve our fellow brother and sister are infinite. As a chaplain, I engage with people day-in and day-out and these moments create a synergy that I never experienced in any other work area. I have been deployed numerous times, Army and Air Force, and during that time the ministries performed are priceless. The difficult moments WE experience together in foreign lands are unforgettable.

The church wants to pray for you, what is your prayer request?
Please continue praying for safety and the return of our deployed military and civilian authorized personnel. Second, pray for their family members; for God Almighty to embrace them with divine fortitude and patience.

As we reflect on Hector Colon-Colon’s story, this day, remember to say a prayer of gratitude and empowerment for all of our endorsed community.

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