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Jane Cheema Theological Reflection

Listening for God and Listening to Creation

May 4, 2017

Jane Berman Cheema

Pastor of Youth and Family Ministry, First United Methodist Church, Evanston

Listening to the needs of people and listening to places of pain and brokenness in the world is a practice that shapes my ministry as a Deacon in the local church. This practice of listening shapes my understanding of how I am called to live in covenant with God’s people and with all of Creation. When I tune my ears to hear both where God is present and where people and creation long for compassion and justice, I am reminded of how deeply we are intertwined with each other and with Creation. In all the sounds I heard, God was being revealed in a richness of expression I had not known before our Eco theology journey. The vastness of the Andres Mountain range that we first saw looking down from the air and then saw looking up from the earth reminded me of the perspective we gain when we see creation from a new perspective. To have walked through Peru on ground that is so incredibly different than the shores of Lake Michigan where I walk each day has revealed to me more of the complexity of God and of the wide expression of creation. Nouwen reminds us that “we are indeed all brothers and sisters not only of other humans in the world but also of all that surrounds us … Everything in creation belongs, with us, to the large family of God” (Nouwen, 2013)

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