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The Methodist Global Education Fund is in the business of HOPE!

Methodist Global Fund
August 29, 2011


"The young people in Sudan need skills, but … skills alone don’t give them the purpose they need in their lives. By giving them hope and meaning for what God intends for them to do and be, the Methodist Global Education Fund tries to fill this vacuum with your help."

–Ken Yamada, Methodist Global Education Fund for Leadership Development

It’s not a pretty place. It’s not a clean place. You’d hardly expect to find a school or a church there. The place is the United Methodist compound in Yei, southern Sudan. Located at the end of a long, muddy road, the ramshackle settlement is home to more than 800 families living in shacks. There are no toilet facilities.

Somehow, in the middle of all that is ugly and desperate, teaching and learning are taking place. Because of the Holston Conference, clean water and a new school building is now available. There is a caring community, and a sense of order. Most of all, thanks to the Methodist Global Education Fund for Leadership Development, there is hope.

Almost every day 1,600 kindergarten and elementary school children—70 of them orphans — gather under the umbrella of trees to learn the basics of the local language and mathematics. Their happy voices can also be heard singing and echoing playful shouts during soccer games.

Moses (above, left) and Alex are two of the orphans who have lived and attended school there since they were kindergarteners. Like the other children, when they completed the eighth grade, they had no place to go. However, the Methodist Global Education Fund provided scholarships for both boys to attend high school. Now 18 years old, they both hope to study communication and administration at the university. Depending on financial aid from the Methodist Global Education Fund, they hope to further their education. Moses and Alex want to develop skills that are desperately needed at the compound, where they want to return after they have finished their education. In their words …

“We know we shall make a great difference in The United Methodist Church in Sudan. We know very well that God wants us to help his people, and that is the vision we have—to bring hope to the hopeless and the orphans, just as pastor Edina did to us.”

“Yes, Moses and Alex represent just a drop in the bucket,” says Ken Yamada, with the Methodist Global Education Fund. “But they are important role models to the other children. If others see that they can do it and that the church helped them, then hope comes alive. The Methodist Global Education Fund helps create a strong sense of belonging and giving back, and before you know it, those who have received want to return the favor.”