Medical Mission To Bolivia

Paul Yeun
March 1, 2013

Chaplain Paul Yeun led a team of volunteers on a medical mission to Bolivia. Here are some of his comments, “In the clinic we treated patients during our recent medical mission trip. This clinic had never been used before we arrive. We brought boxes of medicines and medical supplies with us and equipped the clinic with bare essential equipments. We treated 703 patients and filled 1265 prescriptions from Sept 24-29 and offered six health prevention classes to all patients. We are grateful for the generous donations which enabled us to purchase medicines, supplies, and equipment for the clinic.

We opened the clinic for the first time on Sept, 24. Now it is dedicated by the Bolivian Methodist Church for the continuing care of patients. At the dedication ceremony, a plaque was placed at the entrance of the clinic. The last line in the plaque said "In Gratitude to the group of missionaries from Pennsylvania."

The Rev. Dr. Paul Yeun, director of pastoral services at Chambersburg Hospital, Chambersburg, Pa., was elected president of the United Churches of the Chambersburg Area. He is endorsed as a general hospital chaplain. Yeun is a member of the West Ohio Annual Conference.

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