State of the Board Addresses

2017: General Secretary's Fall Address Download
2017: General Secretary's Spring Address Download
2016: The Danger of a Single Story. Download
2016: General Secretary’s Address Download
2015: Working in a "Missionary Key" Download
2015: A Call for Adaptive Leadership Download
2014: Meeting the Adaptive Challenge Download
2013: Now Is Our Chance, Now Is Our Turn Download
2012: Transforming the World One Life at a Time Download
2011: Are We Going to be Pushed or Are We Going to Paddle? On Leadership Development for a Global Church Download
2009: The Church and Its Institutions in Changing Times Download
2008: Leading the Church Into a Future With Hope Download
2007: Transformed by the Renewing of Our Minds Download
2006: A Vocation to Lead Download
2005: Faithful Stewards of the Mysteries of God Download
2004: Líderes Globales para una Iglesia Global (español) Download
2004: Líderes Globais para uma Igreja Global (português) Download
2004: Global Leaders for a Global Church (English) Download
2004: Dirigeants Globaux pour une Église Globale (français) Download

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No Religion But Social Religion: Liberating Wesleyan Theology

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