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Listing of Occasional Papers & Monographs

(2013) United Methodist Doctrine and Teaching on the Nature, Mission and Faithfulness of the Church: A Resource Paper from The UMC Committee on Faith and Order Download
(2012) Why Vital Congregations Need a Denomination: Preparing for General Conference 2012 by Kenneth Carter Download
(2012) What Difference Does Our Polity Make? A Framework for Considering Structural Change by Thomas E. Frank Download
(2012) My Vision of the Future of United Methodist Higher Education and Theological Education by Rev. Dr. Kah-Jin Jeffrey Kuan Download
(2010) “For the Good of the World”: Methodism’s Ministry to the Campus by Russell E. Richey Download
(2010) In Praise of Bureaucracy: Mission, Structure, and Renewal in The United Methodist Church by Hendrik R. Pieterse Download
(2008) Globalization, Empire, and Beyond: The Pitfalls and Promises of a Global Church by Joerg Rieger Download
(2007) The Promise of the United Methodist Order of Deacon in the Twenty-First Century by Margaret Crain Download
(2007) Restructuring The United Methodist Church in an Age of Empire by Elaine Robinson Download
(2007) Opting for the Margins, Again: Recovering an Episcopal Vision by Hendrik R. Pieterse Download
(2006) United Methodism in a World Context: Navigating the Local and the Global by Janice Love Download
(2006) O Metodismo Unido num Contexto Mundial: navegando o local e o global por Janice Love Download
(2006) Le Méthodisme Uni dans un Contexte Mondial: Naviguer le Local et le Global par Janice Love Download
(2006) El Metodismo Unido en un contexto global: Navegando lo local y lo global para Janice Love Download
(2005) The Artistic-Soul Side of Leadership by Nancy T. Foltz Download