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E. Byron Anderson Book
Author: E. Byron Anderson

Common worship? Yes, because a broken church cannot repair a broken world. Common worship is evidence of our engagement with Christ’s prayer “that we may be one.” Anderson says, “To say that Christian liturgy is a place and set of practices through which we come to inhabit the habit of Christ means that how and what we worship says something about the character of the church’s life in the world.”

Author Information:

E. Byron Anderson is the Ernest and Bernice Styberg Professor of Worship and Director of the Nellie B. Ebersole Program in Music Ministry at Garrett-Evangelical Seminary in Evanston, Illinois.

Introduction to Christian Faith
Author: Neal F. Fisher

God is when everything else is not. What shall we do if God is not our friend?

Looking for God is intensely personal and yielding to God is often surprising. Fisher says, “Confronting the genuine joys we experience and the agony and sorrows we endure, we reach out to connect our lives with a source of meaning, an object of devotion that will anchor our lives in something more lasting than ourselves.” The Good News is that God is there for us even before we seek God, because God loves us.

Author Information:

Neal F. Fisher is Senior Scholar in Theology and President Emeritus of Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.  An elder in The United Methodist Church, he has served as Associate Dean at Boston University School of Theology. A prolific author, his book The Parables of Jesus: Glimpses of God’s Reign is used in churches nationwide. Dr. Fisher is also a popular preacher and speaker.

Introduction to Christian Worship Grammar, Theology, & Practice
Author: Steven D. Bruns

The who, what, when, where, why, and how of worship

Preaching, fellowship, sacraments, and prayer continue to serve as the model of worship. The forms have changed, but these four elements, worship’s basic grammar, remain constant despite the richly diverse practices of Christian communities.

Author Information:

Steven D. Brunsis Chair of Ministry and Theology Department at Central Christian College of Kansas. 

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