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Meeting God at the Boundaries: A Manual for Church Leaders

Lucia Ann McSpadden
Meeting God at the Boundaries

Lucia Ann McSpadden offered a penetrating analysis of the struggles as well as the joys and opportunities experienced by persons engaged in cross-cultural-cross-racial ministry in The United Methodist Church. Soon after the book was published, it became apparent that a volume was needed that would offer the various individuals and groups involved in this ministry hands-on, practical understanding, skills, and competencies for serving in cross-cultural-cross-racial ministry. Meeting God at the Boundaries: A Manual for Church Leaders fills that need. It provides succinct summaries of the basic concepts and competencies in cross-cultural-cross-racial understanding and communication. It then offers practical exercises and tools for equipping key leaders and groups involved in this ministry-clergy, their spouses and families, staff-parish relations committees, district superintendents and bishops-to carry out this ministry effectively and faithfully.

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