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By Anonymous · August 16, 2018
Rev. Dr. Thomas V. Wolfe has been formally elected president of the IAMSCU board of directors, an organization supported by GBHEM.
By Anonymous · August 14, 2018
The GBHEM Board of Directors has unanimously affirmed a new strategy to establish the agency as the resource center for leadership, education and formation to support future and current church leaders of the United Methodist Connection.
By Danecia Jones · July 23, 2018
Susan Henry-Crowe Image
GBHEM announced the speaker for the 2018 Willson Lecture, Rev. Dr. Susan Henry-Crowe, general secretary, General Board of Church and Society.
By Danecia Jones · July 18, 2018
Loan Interest Rate Article Image
The Office of Loans and Scholarships at GBHEM announced an increase in the maximum amount of money United Methodist students can borrow to pursue their education. Students can now borrow up to $10,000 per calendar year (January through December) with a lifetime maximum of $40,000 from the United Methodist Student Loan Fund.
By Danecia Jones · July 10, 2018
The newly released book, “Benedict on Campus: Eight Spiritual Disciplines for Collegiate Ministry” by David E. MacDonald, is a practical guide for those who work with emerging adults—college and university chaplains, campus ministers, student leaders, pastors, parachurch professionals, and spiritual directors.
By Anonymous · July 10, 2018
Meharry Mobile Dental Unit Slider
Meharry Medical College’s new mobile dental unit, obtained through a partnership with the Black College Fund, administered by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM), is enabling students to further Meharry’s long-held mission of providing care for underserved and uninsured people.
By Danecia Jones · June 25, 2018
Connect Anew Image
GBHEM has updated and expanded the information and resources available on The webpage features information about the work the agency is undertaking to evolve as the leadership needs of the denomination change. During this exciting transition, the agency encourages constituents to share the news using the downloadable graphics and Facebook frame found on the webpage.
By Danecia Jones · June 14, 2018
Brazil Hub Article Slider Image
Improving leadership in the Methodist Church in Brazil and strengthening connections and practical activities between organizations in the Portuguese and Spanish-speaking areas of Latin America are among the top goals for the leader of GBHEM's Regional Hub for Leadership, Education and Development (LEaD) Hub in Brazil.
By Danecia Jones · June 7, 2018
Encoding Methodism Image Slider
GBHEM is honored to announce that “Encoding Methodism: Telling and Retelling Narratives of Wesleyan Origins” by Ted A. Campbell was selected as this year’s recipient of the Saddlebag Award. The Saddlebag Award is given by the Historical Society of The United Methodist Church to the outstanding book on United Methodist history or a related subject published during the previous calendar year.
By Danecia Jones · May 30, 2018
Faculty Awards Image
GBHEM announced the winners for two award programs for faculty. This year, 45 outstanding educators within our United Methodist-related colleges and universities have been selected as recipients of the Cutting-Edge Curriculum Award and Exemplary Teacher Award of the Year.
By Danecia Jones · May 23, 2018
Attend to Stories Book Image
The Publishing Office of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM), the leadership development agency of The United Methodist Church, released a new book, “Attend to Stories: How to Flourish in Ministry.” Karen D. Scheib invites readers to refresh, renew and rekindle a passion for ministry by helping others revisit their stories
By Danecia Jones · May 17, 2018
NEXT Image
GBHEM, the leadership development agency of The United Methodist Church, today announced its efforts to adopt a new model for the Imagine What’s Next Conference, a longstanding biennial event. Exploring a new model for NEXT is another example of the agency’s commitment to provide relevant, meaningful and effective resources for leadership development across the denomination.
By Danecia Jones · May 9, 2018
Missio Dei Study Guide Image
GBHEM and the Association of United Methodist Theological Schools announced the release of a new study guide, “Missio Dei and the United States: Toward a Faithful United Methodist Witness.” The guide, suitable for a six- to eight-week study, is a resource to help readers take stock of Wesleyan heritage and ask how to best participate in God’s mission for the church. The study guide’s premise is that the mission field is ripe for a vital United Methodist witness here and now.
By Tom Gillem · May 4, 2018
A visionary model for rethinking how campus ministries can provide meaning and purpose and yet be sustainable was presented during a training event sponsored by the Office of Collegiate Ministry GBHEM.
By Danecia Jones · April 25, 2018
Connect Anew Image
Through the vision, “generations of thriving, diverse and passionate Christian leaders for The United Methodist Church and the world,” GBHEM announced the launch of the CONNECT ANEW campaign. CONNECT ANEW encompasses the agency’s work to meet the evolving leadership needs of the church.
By Danecia Jones · April 19, 2018
Joerg Rieger Book Image
The Publishing Office at GBHEM released a new book that invites readers to rethink core concepts of the Christian faith in the invigorating, lifegiving light of grace that has the power to free us and change everything. “No Religion but Social Religion: Liberating Wesleyan Theology” was written by Joerg Rieger with contributions from Paulo Ayres Mattos, Helmut Renders, and José Carlos de Souza.
By Danecia Jones · April 12, 2018
Rex Mathews Book Image
The Publishing Office at GBHEM announced the release of a new book by Rex D. Matthews, “Ministerial Orders and Sacramental Authority in The United Methodist Church and Its Antecedents, 1784—2016.” The book provides a historical look at sacramental authority as a key to understanding United Methodist ministerial orders.
By Danecia Jones · April 10, 2018
AU-Wesley House PHD Image
GBHEM, the leadership development agency for the denomination, today announced a partnership with Africa University and Wesley House Cambridge in the creation of a new five-year, part-time doctoral program in Methodist Theology. With the inaugural class to begin in 2019, applications for the doctorate program are now available.
By Danecia Jones · April 10, 2018
David Wilson Image
The work of the Office of Loans and Scholarships at GBHEM with Native American scholarships plays a vital role in accomplishing the agency’s mission of developing diverse leaders for the denomination. Rev. David Wilson, conference superintendent, Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference, shared how much of an impact GBHEM’s work and Native American Ministries Sunday makes in developing Native American pastors and church leaders.
By GBHEM · April 2, 2018
Huree University
“Our University is transforming the lives of Mongolian young people from all across the country,” says Dr. Chung Soon Hoon, Ph.D., President of Huree University. Founded in 2002, Huree reflects a long and vibrant tradition of Methodist missionary outreach and now ranks in the top 10 of Mongolia’s nearly 100 universities.
By Beth Neil · March 29, 2018
GBHEM hosted collegiate and religious leaders for a weekend-long conference centered on the impact of increased religious diversity on college campuses.
By Danecia Jones · March 27, 2018
The Publishing Office at GBHEM announced the release of a new book, “The Life to Come: Re-Creating Retirement” by Steven M. Tipton with foreword by Martin E. Marty. According to Tipton, retirement not only offers a time to travel and have fun—but it beckons us to find our true calling in action, peace of mind in reflection, the spirit moving in the moments of each day, and the grace of God in prayer and love of neighbor.
By Danecia Jones · March 26, 2018
The GBHEM Board of Directors unanimously affirmed the agency’s preparation to establish a center for leadership development and spiritual formation.
By Danecia Jones · March 22, 2018
The Commission on Central Conference Theological Education Fund awarded 96 grants totaling $2 million to the seven Central Conferences of The United Methodist Church. The grants fund theological education initiatives at theological institutions, Boards of Ordained Ministry and associations integrally related to training United Methodist pastors around the world.
By Danecia Jones · March 14, 2018
E. Stanley Jones Slider
The Publishing Office at GBHEM, the leadership development agency for the denomination, announced the release of a new book, “E. Stanley Jones and Sharing the Good News in a Pluralistic Society.” F. Douglas Powe Jr. and Jack Jackson are the general editors with the foreword by Jane Boatwright Wood, president of The Foundation for Evangelism and member of GBHEM Board of Directors.

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